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Sometimes I want to close my eyes and sleep forever but then I remember I’m a parent now and a little useless human depends on me. Awh fuck.

LOL’d at “little useless human.”

shallriseinperfectlight said: Allow me to start by saying I adore your blog but I have noticed a lack of coverage on social issues. Maybe it's because your kids are so young but how do you plan to address things like politics, race, social justice, civil rights, etc?


The last thing the world needs is another goddamn straight, white, middle-aged man talking about how to fix or even address issues of race and gender inequality.

The best thing I can do is listen to people affected by social injustice and then take the appropriate actions they suggest. That said, I do talk about those things and more, but not very often on this site. Here’s why:

1. We discuss all these topics with the boys at home. And I don’t shy away from any topic. I’d rather hash it out until they get it than just dismiss it by saying, “You’ll understand when you’re older.” In fact, the first test run of the Discussing News With My Boys series I just launched was all about the events in Ferguson. And now my boys think all cops are bad guys… Oops?

You see, we’re raising our boys to treat everyone equally and with respect. (Not that I’m particularly religious, but the Bible says this pretty plainly. Not sure why Christians don’t seem to get that.) Living in a major metropolitan area makes that fairly easy. Their circle of close friends is so racially diverse, they look like the cast of Captain Planet.

And they don’t even know homophobia is a thing. They just see couples as two people who love each other. Two of the four couples in the apartment building where we lived last year are same-sex and one of the couples had twin boys about a year younger then Wyatt and Boone. So, all our guys cared about was running up and down the sidewalk with the wee ones.

That way, when they inevitably do encounter racism or homophobia or any other kind of injustice, they’ll immediately know it’s wrong. That’s when their ninja skills will kick in and they’ll beat the shit out of the person making the offending statement or action.

Anyway, because of all of this, I tend to get almost no people making racist or anti-LGBT statements to me here on the Tumblr. Because when that happens, I fucking nuke them.

2. I try to keep things funny here and, quite frankly, shit like what’s going on in Ferguson is not fucking funny. At all. But, like I said above, I’m not talking about it here. I’m listening to black families, all of whom are affected by systemic racism and violence.

3. If you want to know the issues I do rant about frequently on this site, see my many screeds on gun control (I’m for it), free speech (also for it), childhood education (hmm… for it) and marriage equality (yup, once again, for it).

Oh, and in my upcoming book, Calm The F*ck Down, I touch on how to deal with raising a child that you fear may be gay. I’ll go ahead and spoil it for you: I basically say, “You don’t raise them any differently than a straight kid and you’re an idiot for being concerned about it in the first place.”

“It is so night today!”
— Winslow (via thekidsareup)
“Daddy is a man-boy.”
— Winslow (via thekidsareup)
“I’m saying ‘ow’ because I’m hurting me all by myself.”
— Winslow (via thekidsareup)


4pm. I’m done with my kid’s attitude. When the fuck is bed time?

“I’m wearing a superhero mask!”
— Wyatt, wearing underwear on his face (via thedaddycomplex)


Time for another episode of Discussing News With My Kids.

This week, Wyatt and Boone offer their perspective on current events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, a possible update to YouTube’s strict policy on children’s accounts, and the decline of the “celebrity scent.”

And, as always, it’s short. So, y’know, watch it and stuff.

And what an enlightened perspective it is!

My little super villain...

Phia: I'm making a plan.

Daddy: What is your plan?

Phia: Destroy all the ones I love?