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Phia: Do you guys like knock knock jokes?

Everyone: Sure!

Phia: Knock knock.

Everyone: Who's there?

Phia: Camel.

Everyone: Camel who?

Phia: Camel in space eating a banana...

Dentist Time


"I like the word ‘dentist’, I’m happy to talk about the dentist, but daddy - I definitely do not want to go to the dentist.”

- Joey, 5, when I reminded him about his upcoming appointment.

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“You have a beard. I don’t have a beard, I have a chin.”
— My 3 year old nephew. (via eternal-reinvention)

(via outofcontextparenting)

So this happened at work between me and a 9yr old client.

Him: You like books don't ya?

Me: Sure do! Have you been reading?

Him: Yep! Finished one today at school.

Me: That's great! Reading is fantastic for your imagination. Getting swept up in the words, living in a different world. Falling in love with-

Him: Yeah but the best bit is that all that page turning is perfect for building up your arm muscles.

Children of Today



Teacher: Okay kids! Let’s work on our alphabet!

Teacher: Lets find words starting with the letter…S!

Timmy: Snake!

Sally: Soup!

Billy: Soap!

Teacher: Wonderful examples children! What about you James? Tell us a word starting with s.

James: Summa-lummadooma-lummayouassumingimaahumanwhatigottadotogetitthroughtoyouimsuperhuman!

Teacher: …isn’t that a lot of words James?

James: Nope! It’s rap, all one big word.

Teacher: ………..



My son is so fun now. He’s so cute & playful. And now when you tell him to stop doing something he tries to reason with blabber. I just can’t believe I created a little boy so sweet. He always kisses people & leans his head in to touch my forehead so that he can just look into my eyes and smile. That’s my baby!


No penguins were hurt.


No penguins were hurt.

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Diversity in Heroes: Seeing Ourselves in the Extraordinary



As per the Kid President’s definition (and my own), it doesn’t take a radioactive creature bite to make you a hero: "You have everything you need to inspire other people to change the world."

I think one of the most important things about superheroes is that they inspire us to be awesome by showing us compassion, strength, and what a ‘hero’ should look like. Unfortunately, if you have a kid who is ‘different,’ it can sometimes be hard to find him or her a superhero role model that looks like them. Judging by the amount of Marvel avatars I saw on my dash this week, I suspect some of us parents can relate.

So, on the heels of Marvel’s latest announcements that Sam Wilson (aka the Falcon) would soon be assuming Captain America’s shield and Thor would be returning from Asgard in female form, I thought I’d share a few more heroes that weren’t, well, white hetero-sexual males—despite what the movies all try to sell us.

{Comic book fans: feel free to add or correct me as necessary in the interest of education.Links are embedded for more information/resources. Parents: Please note that I never expected to write something quite so geeky for this blog but your superhero response seems to warrant it!}

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